Benefits of walking

It promotes good health

Walking means being physically active, this can improve both physical and mental health.

Exercise produces the hormone serotonin which improves the mood and reduces stress.

People feel more alert, more awake and more ready for life.

Stress and mental ill-health are becoming more common and often the cause of many physical health challenges, including obesity and coronary heart disease, which are also connected to sedentary lifestyles.

More physically active people, however, have a lower risk of dying from coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, hypertension and colon cancer.

Exercise improves mechanical fitness, for example of the knees, metabolic fitness in reducing the risk of diabetes & alzheimers and cardiovascular fitness to reduce risk of strokes, heart disease.

People feel good in the presence of nature and living things, they help us when we feel stressed. If there is green vegetation, blue sky and water in our environment, then we enjoy it even more.

The idea that the quality of nature affects our mental health is not new, less green nature means reduced mental well-being, or at least less opportunity to recover from mental stress.


It provides real pleasure

Walking develops an outdoor habit that is enjoyable and fun.

Enjoying green space leads to a better quality of life. Green space allows people to connect with nature and have a sense of belonging with the environment.


It’s a great way of socialising

Walking allows the family to spend quality time talking and experiencing things together.

It gives the feeling of having made good use of free time by having a great afternoon or a great weekend.

It can also change lifestyles for the future, in that children who get the walking habit in their early years are much more likely to continue to walk as they grow and into their adult life.

Walking provides a means of socialising and people with good social networks generally enjoy better health.


It’s a cheap day out

Walking is a cheap or free way of spending time, almost anywhere anytime - particularly in times of recession. There’s no gym fees required to burn calories or protect against obesity.