List of walks suitable for pushchairs

The following walks are suitable for pushchairs, some in part, some for the complete walk.

I’ve reflected our experience and hopefully this prevails but circumstances can change.

The detail below provides a useful guide, however, please do contact us if there is any further information that you feel would be of help as the objective is: Walking for families made easy.

Key to location is in the Walk ID

LD       =          Lake District

YD       =          Yorkshire Dales

PD       =          Peak District

NY       =          North Yorkshire

WY      =          West Yorkshire


Walk ID           Location         Pushchair suitability


YD03               Burnsall           Only suitable between Burnsall and the suspension bridge

                                            The one mile stretch to a narrow footbridge is delightful and

                                            well worth doing – we’ve done it many times it’s a lovely walk.


YD04               Swinsty            Suitable all the way around, part of the way uses an easy

                                            access route which is marked on the map and detailed in the

                                            Route Details on the download.


LD06               Elterwater        Suitable for pushchairs along the entire length of the walk.


LD07               Latrigg            The path is suitable for pushchairs, however, you may need to

                                            return via the same route where the path gives way to a grassy

                                            track, depending on the prevailing conditions.


LD08               Tarn Hows       Suitable for pushchairs on the entire route with good paths.


WY14              Butterley         The path on the circular walk is not suitable for pushchairs.
                                           However, people do take pushchairs on the ‘there and back’ linear walk 
                                           along the track to nearby reservoirs, a nice walk.


LD15               Blea Tarn        This is suitable for pushchairs using the road which snakes

                                            up the hill, you can then follow the road around the Tarn or

                                            take the suggested walking route (this is a little rough so

                                            in the guide I suggest its only suitable for all-terrain buggies.)

                                            At worst there is only a small section you may wish to avoid 

                                            (roughly points 5-6 a few hundred yards on the route map).

                                            The scenery is breathtaking so do try the walk, the route map 

                                            also details an alternate car park so you can remove the climb.


LD16               Loweswater      You can get ¾ of the way round but thereafter the path has

                                            tree roots, stiles and duckboards as it progresses through the

                                            woods and across a boggy field. The beauty of the place, however,

                                            makes it worth doing a ‘there and back’ walk.


LD17               Buttermere      You can circuit the reservoir with a pushchair but by using

                                            a different return route along the road (which is marked on

                                            the route detail map) as opposed to the lake side path. The

                                            return journey along the road is equally as good. The scenery

                                            is fantastic and provides for a wonderful walk.


LD18               Brothers Water Suitable for pushchairs for a good half of the circuit, a return

                                            along the road is not recommended as there is no path for

                                            much of the way – though it is possible. For safety, suggest

                                            a ‘there and back’ along the western side of the lake. The route

                                            map highlights the pushchair route and a convenient place to turn 

                                            round might be the Brothers Water Inn !


WY21              Hardcastle Crags  The walking route is not suitable for pushchairs, however, there

                                            is a tarmac lane which provides a good ‘there and back’  alternative

                                            for a similar length walk taking in Gibson Mill.


YD22               Bolton Abbey   Suitable for pushchairs, although pushchairs with a wider

                                            wheelbase may have to cross the ford rather than the footbridge 

                                            (most will cross the footbridge). On the return, the pushchair route 

                                            follows the access lane which is marked on the route map.


WY23              Newmillerdam  Suitable for pushchairs all way round.


WY25              Ogden Water   Suitable for pushchairs all way round.


NY27               Goathland       Suitable for pushchairs.


WY30              Slaithwaite       Suitable for pushchairs using a different starting point. The

                                            walk becomes a ‘there and back’ journey along the canal.

                                            The start point and return route are marked in the route details.

WY34              Digley            The route has some easy paths for pushchairs but is also rugged
                                           and bumpy in places. You need 2 people to be able to carry the
                                           pushchair over these sections. The 23 steps have metal rails either
                                           side, the climb from the dam head between Digby and Bilberry
                                           reservoirs is narrow and fairly steep with some big boulder steps.
                                           We did it - it's not that hard, just be prepared, you'll still enjoy the

PD35               Dove Stone    The shorter, 3 mile circuit of the reservoir has a good track all way
                                          around. The circuit can be done in either direction, however, it is easier
                                          done anticlockwise as described.

WY36              Ilkley            A gentle walk for pushchairs. The start has an immediate descent of
                                          around 20 steps, this is easily managaged with 2 people, however, there
                                          is also a 'kissing gate' to pass through further on. The alternative is to
                                          carry on along the footpath to turn left on to Denton Road and follow the
                                          road until it nears the Old Bridge, then veer left to cross the bridge.
                                          This alternative is marked on the route map and does not spoil the walk.

WY38              Otley Chevin  A great walk for pushchairs. The route starts at the same point as the main
                                          walk but then deviates to complete a smaller circuit in the opposite direction
                                          to the main walk. Doing it this way, the walk is slightly shorter but easier in
                                          that it keeps you along better paths and it involves less uphill gradient.
                                          The pushchair route is detailed on the map. There are a couple of muddy
                                          sections but these can be easily bypassed.