Suggestions of things you may want to take with you – to make your day easier!

A little prior preparation can ensure that a minor mishap does not spoil a great day.

Our four kids, over the years, have had their share of getting wet, falling and suffering various cuts, scratches and stings. As they get older, the less we need to take.

Below is a list of the things we have taken along with us, they have all come in useful from time to time, some packed in a rucksack others left in the car.

Drinks in “bunnie” bottles with spare in the car
Small snacks
Plastic bags for rubbish, soiled clothes and muddy boots
Sun hats / fleece hats with spares as they blow away on windy days
Gloves with spares as they often get lost or blown away
Waterproof jackets and trousers
Relevant OS Map
Route details, a sketch map if available and an expectation of time required with contingency
A knowledge of the local weather forecast
Walking games
Mobile phone
First aid kit e.g. plasters, anti-septic spray, sting relief spray, Calpol
Spare clothes in the car for the kids, socks, trousers, tee shirts fleeces and undergarments
Spare laces come in handy for many things other than boots

We always plan for the kids to be able to enjoy the features of the walks as much as possible, including on a wet day, letting them splash in as many puddles as they wish.

As long as they are dry and warm they are happy.

We hope this is helpful, any further suggestions are welcomed

We all wear thin, lightweight, layers of clothes which you can readily remove or replace.

We ensure we all have appropriate footwear.

(Whilst most of the walks can be done in trainers, all our family have boots. There are many discount outdoor retailers and by shopping around we found they were not too expensive to acquire. On our earlier walks, when the kids were very young, wellies and trainers prevailed, however, boots have proved to be great value for money. Boots provide better support for the feet and ankles, better grip underfoot and also keep the feet dry.

We also sourced our waterproofs cheaply and they have been invaluable on wet days.)

We always have a pub or sweetshop in mind for end of walk refreshment for everyone.

We keep a bag of change in the car, particularly ‘£’ coins for car parking and ice creams.